An article teaches you to understand color gamut contrast! Jul 08, 2022

Understand the color gamut of the display, never longer afraid of being fooled by merchants!

Do you know about color gamut?

If the color gamut is separated. Color is the screen color of the display, and Gamut is the space and range. The combination of the two characters means the color space range of the display, which represents the specific situation of the color that a color image can represent. The wider the color gamut, the more colors can be displayed, and the richer and more realistic the picture that human eyes can see!
The color gamut space corresponding to different use scenes is also different.The most common one in our daily life is sRGB color gamut. It represents three basic pigments of red, green and blue. When the sRGB gamut value is 100%, it means that the display can display all the colors in the sRGB gamut space.

Adobe RGB color gamut is a professional color gamut standard developed with photography technology. This color gamut has a broader color space than sRGB. It contains CMYK color gamut that sRGB does not have, and has rich levels. For professional users in printing, photography, design and other fields, Adobe RGB color gamut with a wider range of displays is more appropriate.

NTSC gamut is a gamut space standard formulated by the American Television Standards Committee.  It has a wider range than sRGB and adobe RGB gamut spaces.  It is mainly used for wide gamut television standards, and some very professional wide gamut displays also take it as the gamut standard.

Finally, there is a DCI-P3 gamut. This is a common RGB color space in American digital films. It is the shooting standard of Hollywood films, so it is also called film level color gamut. We generally have no needs, so I won't say more here.

For most of us, when economic conditions permit, we can choose high gamut screens to get better colors and enjoy visual experience. So let's us see the screen effect of 100% color gamut.

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