• Chinese Spring Festival Holidays Notice
    Chinese Spring Festival Holidays Notice Jan 06, 2023
    Hi, Dear Happy New Year! Sincerely thank you for your support all the time. Wishing you peace, joy and happiness through the coming year. All the best wishes to you and your family. The Chinese traditional Spring Festival is coming. We will have a vacation from [January 15th to 29th, 2023]. Normal business will resume on [January 30th,  2023]. During this period of time, the factory is closed. If you have any order arrangements, whether it is now or after the holiday, we hope you can communicate with us as soon as possible. Because the orders during the holiday will be piled up after the holiday, in order to smooth your order, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange. Thank you! Best Regards, Levana Zou < Shenzhen Samsony Technology Co., Limited > M: +8613714377152(Same for Wechat | Whatsapp) E:  | W: A: Linpokeng High-tech Park, Xinqiao, Bao 'an , Shenzhen, Guandong, CHINA
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  • Welcome to SIBOLAN
    Welcome to SIBOLAN Jan 01, 2022
    Shenzhen Samsony Technology is devoted in developing and manufacturing portable monitors,wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver, and other high technology electronics. We also have OEM/ODM service to provide customized solution.Come to us to get our latest products information!
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  • What is USB Type-C
    What is USB Type-C Feb 14, 2022
    USB-C Introduction: What You Really Need to Know About the Connector Taking Over the World USB connectors and cables are now commonly known and widely used. The USB connector many people are most familiar with is probably the bulky, rectangular USB-A (or USB Type-A) connector that tends to take a couple of tries to plug in correctly. However, since its inception in late 2014, more and more users have found a new type of USB connector, the USB-C (or USB Type-C) connector, gradually working its way into their lives. The USB-C connector shares the name of its predecessors, but there is still a lot of confusion over its features and functionality. So, what exactly is the USB-C connector? This article will help answer the following questions: What is USB-C? Are all USB-C capabilities supported on every USB-C product? What is USB-C Display Port (DP Alt Mode)? How do you identify whether a device with a USB-C port supports Display Port over USB? Are USB-C and Thunderbolt compatible? What is USB-C? USB-C is the latest iteration of the USB interface’s connector developed by the USB Implementers Forum. The USB-C was created to be the definitive connector for all consumer electronic users, so that any and all devices could utilize the same connector to transmit data and/or power. Physically speaking, it features 24-pins within an oval-like design. It’s about half the size of the earlier version and commonly used USB-A connector, and roughly equivalent to the size of a Micro-USB connector. Because of the overarching goal of making USB-C as universal as possible, the engineering behind the USB-C connector was meant to support a wide variety of specifications beyond the standard USB transmission specifications. Some even describe the goal of the USB-C as being “one connector to rule them all”. Perhaps the connector was meant to act as a blank canvas for various data and power transmission interfaces to apply their technology. The USB-C connector's design gives it four distinct capabilities: NOTE: USB-C is a designation of the connector’s physical interface (its design and form factor) and should not be confused with USB versions, such as “USB 3.2”, which govern data and power transfer specifications. Power Delivery (PD) Type-C Alternate Mode USB If Connector reversibility Whereas USB-A connectors have to be plugged into their ports in a specific orientation, the symmetry of the oval shaped USB-C connector head, along with the pin configuration within it, allows the USB-C connector to be completely reversible. It can be plugged in any orientation, thereby adding a greater level of convenience to the already widely enjoyed functionality of the USB interface. Alt-Mode for combining multiple interfaces As described above, USB-C from its onset was specifically designed as a vehicle not only for the standard USB transmission specifications, but also for an array of non-USB transmission technologies and specifications. As a result, the USB-C connector features an Alt...
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  • NEW RELEASE: 4K Wireless HDMI 60 GHz Millimetre Wave Technology
    NEW RELEASE: 4K Wireless HDMI 60 GHz Millimetre Wave Technology Feb 17, 2022
    Sibolan 4K Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver 100 Ft,0 Latency Adopt 60GHz millimetre wave Support 4K @30Hz/1080P@120Hz for Streaming Video/Audio from Laptop, Smartphone to HDTV/Projector Features: 1.Wireless Frequency :60GHz millimetre wave 2.Latency:≤ 2.5ms 3.Highest Resolution :4K@30Hz/1080P@120Hz/1080P@60Hz/720P/576P/480P, etc. 3D effect and HDR supported. 4.Antenna Technology : Matrix Antenna Amplifier 5.Transmission Range :100 ft max 6.Installation Method : Plug-n-Play, does not need WiFi or App 7.Mobile office On-The-Go : from smart devices to desktop,USB3.0 ports support Keyboard and Mouse.PD charging up to 100W. 8.Applicable Scenarios : Business Meeting, Home Entertainment, Online Course, Live Streaming, Live TV, Gaming, etc. 9.Supporting Devices : Laptop, Mac, Tablet, Mobile Phone, Camera, Projector, TV Box, Game Console, DVD/Blu-ray Player, etc. 10.Package including :1×TX Transmitter, 1×RX Receiver
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