NEW RELEASE: 4K Wireless HDMI 60 GHz Millimetre Wave Technology Feb 17, 2022
Sibolan 4K Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver 100 Ft,0 Latency Adopt 60GHz millimetre wave Support 4K @30Hz/1080P@120Hz for Streaming Video/Audio from Laptop, Smartphone to HDTV/Projector


1.Wireless Frequency :60GHz millimetre wave

2.Latency:≤ 2.5ms
3.Highest Resolution :4K@30Hz/1080P@120Hz/1080P@60Hz/720P/576P/480P, etc. 3D effect and HDR supported.
4.Antenna Technology : Matrix Antenna Amplifier
5.Transmission Range :100 ft max
6.Installation Method : Plug-n-Play, does not need WiFi or App
7.Mobile office On-The-Go : from smart devices to desktop,USB3.0 ports support Keyboard and Mouse.PD charging up to 100W.
8.Applicable Scenarios : Business Meeting, Home Entertainment, Online Course, Live Streaming, Live TV, Gaming, etc.
9.Supporting Devices : Laptop, Mac, Tablet, Mobile Phone, Camera, Projector, TV Box, Game Console, DVD/Blu-ray Player, etc.

10.Package including :1×TX Transmitter, 1×RX Receiver

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